Conditions of Use

Terms and conditions
If you would like in sports school office directly in writing, verbally, by telephone, by fax or via e-mail. On our booking offices the application is only possible orally and only to certain designated in the prospectus courses. By registering these terms and conditions are accepted.
Payment / registration pass
Payments are in the course registration by cash, check, to be paid via credit card or direct debit.
The organizer is entitled to refuse performance and to claim damages for breach of contract by the participant if this is the payment of the price in arrears.
Services and prices
We reserve the right to change the advertised and confirmed prices of major, unforeseeable and substantiated grounds, as long as the travel date more than 3 months after the contract is.
Your resignation will take effect on the date on which the notice of withdrawal is received by us. Your cancellation will be valid only after receipt of our cancellation number. Stand back from a booked course or a booked trip, you will be charged the following costs:
When traveling, camps and safaris
to 30 days before departure 6%, at least € 20.- per person,
from 29 days before departure 20%, at least € 30.- per person,
from 21 days before departure 30%, at least € 40.- per person,
from 14 days before departure 45%,
from 7 to 4 days prior to departure 65%,
3 days to arrival 85% of total tour price
For all other sports programs
up to 14 days before the course begins 20% of the course fee
from 14 days before the course begins 30% of the course fee
from 7 to 4 days before the course begins 50% of the course fee
from 3 days to start of the course 85% of the course fee
A compensation for missed courses and traveling time shall not be reimbursed retroactively!
Cancellation service
When booking our withdrawal service the separate terms and conditions apply this service.
Cancellation by the organizer
If an advertised or official specified minimum number of participants is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the course or travel to 5 days before the start. Paid travel / course fee will be refunded promptly.
Pick up at our bus stops
The organizer is entitled to move the pickup at the nearest stop in less than 5 participants at a stop.
Participation is at your own risk, ski school accepts no liability for accidents, delay, loss, injury and bad weather. The liability of the organizer is limited to three times the travel / course fee,
-soweit a damage to the participant was caused neither intentionally nor by gross negligence or
-soweit the organizer is responsible for a customers loss solely due to the fault of a service provider.
The bus company is not a vicarious agent of the organizer. For this is no liability.
To avoid losses from involuntary cancellations we recommend booking our course withdraw services or
adequate travel insurance !!!
Cancellation - Service
The service accounts must be carried out at fixed booking, a later conclusion is only possible within 8 days of confirmed booking.
§1 Services
1. The sports school provides compensation:
a) for non-commencement of the course for the entire, already paid course fees;
b) termination of the course. Course days in proportion to the fees paid
2. The sports school is within the scope of paragraph 1 to pay them when to expect as a result of of the following major reasons either tuition inability of the participant to the general experience or it can not reasonably be expected of the beginning of the course or its scheduled completion:
a) death, serious accident or unerwarte serious illness of the student, his spouse, his children, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, in-laws or if the price for 2 persons booked together, the second person, provided that they also insured is.
b) pregnancy of a course participant
§ 2 Exclusion
1. The sports school is free from the obligation to pay compensation if the student service case was foreseeable at the conclusion or the student has brought him intent or gross negligence.
§ 3 Obligations in the case of service
1. The student is obliged:
a) immediately notify the Sports School to enter the service case and the same time to cancel return for a cancellation number the course in sports school office;
b) the sports school to provide any desired and all pertinent information and provide it with all necessary evidence on its own initiative, in particular: ärtztliche certificates on illnesses, accidents or pregnancy within the meaning of § 1 paragraph 2 and must indicate the booking number and the bank account.
2. Should the student one of the above obligations, it is the sports school of the obligation to make payment.

Customer rule COVID-19

By registering for the course, the customer confirms his current, Covid-19-free state of health for the 1st and subsequent course days.

Covid-19 infected people or people with symptoms associated with Covid-19 cannot participate in the course. Customers from the so-called "risk areas",

according to the current list of the RKI who have stayed in a risk area in the past 14 days or who have contact with someone infected with corona

And would like to participate in the course must have a negative SARS-Cov-2 test as a prerequisite for participation. The testing has regarding

of the time in accordance with the standards published by the Robert Koch Institute. Participation in the course is not possible without proof of a negative test result.

Stand: August 2020